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The Louvre


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Tactile Palaces: Buckingham, 2021
Video (color, silent)
42 sec, loop
Edition of 10
OBJKT# 74336
100 XTZ (Tezos) or contact gallery to collect in Fiat

About The Work:
In this hypnotic digital animation, a hand in a velvet glove caresses a piece of baroque architecture from the interior of Buckingham Palace. Monaghan’s series Tactile Palaces draws on the disconnect between the tangible and virtual, while commenting on desire and wealth.

Collector Receives:
  1. MP4 (h.264)2160 x 3840, 30FPS, 00:00:42 for screening Tactile Palaces: Buckingham
  2. MOV Archival File (Cineform codec, 10-bit) 2160 x 3840, 30FPS, 00:00:42
  3. MP4 (h.264) 404 x 720, 00:00:32, 30 FPS, for Hic Et Nunc index.html spécifications
  4. High-Resolution TIFF of still from Tactile Palaces: Buckingham

Conservation Notes:
bitforms gallery recognizes that files sent virtually may have additional compression added, as well as generated files through Hic Et Nunc

Collectors are encouraged to retain a full archival package for this work, which can be requested from bitforms at the time of purchase and may include: thumb drives containing archival files of the work with no additional compression, a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist, manual/artist questionnaire, and a signed agreement. In lieu of the full archival package, collectors are encouraged to download and preserve the digital collector's package on at least two external hard drives of their choice, stored in two separate geographic locations. Files should be migrated to new external hard drives every 3-5 years.