Auriea Harvey, Year Zero

Digital Sculptures

Through a diverse mixed-media practice, Auriea Harvey creates sculpture, video games, drawing, and mixed reality works steeped in character creation and mythology. Year Zero is Auriea Harvey's first solo exhibition with the gallery, on view through April 24. Working online from the beginning of net art's history, the artist expertly combines her experience in video game and software development with a three-dimensional practice. For more exhibition details, please visit

In tandem with Year Zero, we are pleased to present Harvey's newest digital sculptures offered as NFTs. These works feature five characters—Ram, Ox, Cyclops, Minoriea, and Messenger—who live inside the worlds and mythologies Harvey alters. They are virtual entities, sculpted in 3D and enlivened with augmented reality. This series utilizes AR technology to bridge the gap between the digital and physical, the possible and impossible. bitforms is pleased to present this body of work in direct communication with the artist's practice at large. Harvey's dedicated concentration on historical narratives is refigured through her retellings of analog and digital elements, unifying antiquity with emergent technology. logo